Continuing the Journey

Welcome to the Worldwide Marriage Encounter Community!

Now that you have completed your Weekend, you are officially an Encountered Couple! Dialoguing Encountered Couples believe in and strive to make our marriages happier and more joyful every day.  And now you have the keys to continue the journey along with us to live a more joyful married lifestyle by using dialogue. On this and the page links below are tips to live an Encountered Couple lifestyle. Use any of the helpful FREE guides below, check out events and happenings in your area that you can attend, and get involved in along with other couples. Bookmark and check this page frequently (even daily!) to find dialogue questions, discover even more facets of living as an Encountered Couple, or attend a local activity in your area to keep your marriage running at top performance!

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Dialogue Questions & Tips
Create Your Own Dialogue Questions 
Dialogue Questions by Topic   (40,000+ total!)
Family Dialogue   (Include your children and grow closer as a family!)
Scripture Dialogue   (Use at least once a week and on holidays!)
Weds Manual  (If you don’t like your relationship after completing these 90 questions, we guarantee you get your old relationship back!)
Verbal Questions To Ask During Your Dialogue

Dialogue Acronym Key
Guidelines for Open Sharing

Watch Video Presentations on YouTube!
Do you need help finding a quality, creative, innovative, or “just different” monthly presentation for your Journey Group? Or would you like to participate in a presentation just for the two of you? Check out this page each month as we add new videos about topics that are relatable to everyday challenges facing every couple.

Invite Couples to a Weekend!
Your personal testimony is the strongest tool when inviting other couples to the Weekend. We have 3 specific ways in which you can easily invite couples you know to this special Weekend!

1)  Contact your Starter List!

2)  Use these tools to help you tell your story to one couple or an entire congregation!

3)  On the God Loves Marriage Facebook page, find and “Share” the Event on your own timeline OR specifically “Invite” people on your Friends list from the Event page itself OR do both!

Area News  •  Events  •  Journey Groups  •  Activities
Below are North American Areas with online information available. Click on the Area closest to you to find events, Journey Group locations, support couple names, and contact info. The information for each Area is updated as information is submitted by its Contact couples.


Journey Group Enrichment & Presentation Resources
Find resources here for Journey Group enrichment activities and presentations.

Weekend Publicity | Media
Publicize Weekends in your Area by downloading PDFs of Bulletin Announcements, Bulletin Inserts, Hallway Posters, and Video Slides specifically created for YOUR Area’s Weekend!

God Loves Marriage National e-Newsletter
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Support Happier Marriages – Contribute to Marriage Encounter!
You can help Marriage Encounter bring more Weekends to couples by contributing to the Marriage Encounter ministry!

Connect With Us Online!
We look forward to connecting with you online! Just click the links in the top right sidebar to keep up with God Loves Marriage via social media – connect with us on any of these platforms and join the conversation about supporting couples who want more joy in their marriage.

Join the North American LME Encountered Couples group on Facebook and post your thoughts, concerns, and encouragement to other Encountered couples!

A Lutheran Marriage Encounter Facebook page is now under construction. We’ll let you know as soon as it goes LIVE. Stay tuned!

One Ringers & “I Love You” Sign Language
You are very special to all other Encountered Couples around the world and they want to support you to be the very best couple you can be. Check out the unique communications that Encountered Couples throughout the world use to greet each other and let each other know we are thinking of them and support them!

Prayer Chain
According to the Bible, the power of prayer is, quite simply, the power of God, who hears and answers prayer, and He can and will answer us according to His perfect will and timing. If you would like to support and pray for encountered couples, their families, and friends as part of the Lutheran Marriage Encounter Prayer Chain, please email Dave & Jen Kern to add your email address to their “send” list.

WWME Philosophy & History
Want to learn more about the history and philosophy of Worldwide Marriage Encounter? Read all about it here.

WWME Gifts & Jewelry
Perhaps you noticed the Marriage Encounter logo items used on the Weekend or worn by the presenting team couples during the Weekend. If you are interested in acquiring logo items, visit this website where you can find and order Marriage Encounter candles, permanent name badges, stickers, jewelry, and paper items available for home and personal use. Marriage Encounter uses for all of our logo items, but is in no way connected to it in a business sense.