Join Us at Our Ohio Community Activities!

Ohio offers a number of Community Activities that will bless your marriage, couple communication, and family. Some activities are open to all couples, married or not, encountered or not, and some are open to the entire family. Here are our scheduled upcoming activities.



Support Ohio Marriage Encounter Events! 

Are you and your spouse interested in helping support our Ohio Marriage Encounter events? If so, we hope you’ll attend one of our Ohio Area Planning Gatherings. ALL couples are welcome! Contact our Ohio Area Leaders, David & Jean Fell or Kevin & Rae Guynn, with questions about dates or “loving tasks” with which you’d like to help.

Ohio In-Person Marriage Encounter Experience
Streetsboro, OH
November 12 – 14, 2021

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Join an Ohio Journey Group!

Throughout Ohio and all of North America, encountered couples get together on a regular basis to share values and dreams, give each other encouragement to continue dialogue, provide support and prayers for each other, and help each other grow as a couple. Formerly known as “circles,” “dialogue support groups,” or “love spirals,” these groups of encountered couples are now called “Journey Groups” as they Continue the Journey of an encountered married couple lifestyle.

By attending a Journey Group, you and your spouse can continue the journey you began during your Marriage Encounter experience toward a more joyful life together. Journey Groups usually meet once a month in a couple’s home or a church. All you have to do to participate is bring your dialogue notebooks, pens, name tags, and a snack to share. A short presentation followed by a 10 & 10 and an open sharing question is the usual format of each 2-hour Journey Group evening.

Our Ohio Planning Team couples are actively involved in Ohio Journey Groups and our Marriage Encounter events and community activities. Please contact any of them to ask questions and get information about how to get involved. If no couple or Journey Group is close to you, we can supply you with the resources to start a group of your own or help you connect with encountered couples of other faith expressions.

Journey Group Ohio