About Us

GodLovesMarriage.org is the Lutheran expression of Worldwide Marriage Encounter – the original, faith-based, marriage enrichment experience that has helped millions of couples in over 80 countries find more joy and happiness in their marriage relationship.

What We Believe

“Anything worth having is worth working for.” This maxim applies to your marriage and to your Marriage Encounter experience. This experience gives couples time to learn and practice a whole new way to communicate about both the small and the “big” things in their relationship. Expect to work together to make your most important human relationship successful and happy. And make this experience a priority for your relationship by committing to the entire experience to enjoy every second of this too-short respite from the many demands of your daily life – jobs, kids, chores, in-laws, interests, and leisure activities. You won’t regret it!

Worldwide Marriage Encounter

Couples of all faiths – or of no faith – are welcome to attend any Worldwide Marriage Encounter experience sponsored by the faith of their choice or of any of the faith expressions. The experience is essentially the same no matter which faith expression sponsors it. One notable difference is that Protestant expressions include a pastor and spouse on the presenting team while the Roman Catholic expression includes a priest on the team.


One session about God and marriage also may differ slightly, depending on the faith expression. Worship services during the experience will differ as well, but all couples are warmly invited to participate no matter their religious affiliation.

If you can’t find an event here that fits your schedule or location, check out the links below to find a Worldwide Marriage Encounter event sponsored by other faith expressions that may work for you!

Mennonite & Brethren
Roman Catholic
United Methodist
Canadian Anglican

If you’re interested in attending a European event, check out the International Lutheran Marriage Encounter links below!


Engaged Encounter

If you are an engaged couple and looking for a special experience created just for you, consider attending Engaged Encounter. Information about Engaged Encounter is available from the Roman Catholic expression.

“Marriage Encounter taught me to look at my spouse through God's loving eyes.”

“We rediscovered why we fell in love and learned how to keep our love burning bright.”

“Our Marriage Encounter experience has made our life together much more joyful and relational!”

“Marriage Encounter helped us learn how to lean on each other during the rough times.”

Our Currently Scheduled
2024 Experiences

Fairfield Inn - Streetsboro OH

Streetsboro, OH
Apr 26 @ 8:00 pm – Apr 28 @ 4:00 pm EDT