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What About Privacy?

Marriage Encounter is a marriage enrichment experience designed for each individual couple to enjoy private time together learning how to use a new set of communication tools. Although sessions include the entire group of married couples attending, no couple is ever required to share openly about their relationship with the group. After each session, each couple is encouraged to privately share their thoughts and feelings with each other.

Is It a Marriage Boot Camp?

Marriage Encounter is not a marriage boot camp, retreat, Bible Study, group counseling, social weekend, or sensitivity clinic where you are required to openly discuss your couple relationship with the group of attendees. Nor are couples ever separated during the event for “he” and “she” lectures.

The entire experience is presented for and to you together as a couple, and your privacy as a couple is respected at all times.

What About Program Resources?

All materials you need to help you learn how to use your new set of communication tools are provided during the experience. Special resources are available for you to use afterwards as well. But there are no extra videos or workbooks or other supplemental materials that need to be purchased before, during, or after your experience.

Upcoming Events

Rochester MN

October 18 @ 8:00 pm - October 20 @ 4:00 pm

Colorado Springs, CO

November 1 @ 7:00 pm - November 3 @ 4:00 pm

Sioux Falls, SD

November 1 @ 8:00 pm - November 3 @ 4:00 pm

Lenox, MA

November 1 @ 8:00 pm - November 3 @ 3:00 pm

Rockford, IL

November 8 @ 8:00 pm - November 10 @ 3:00 pm

Mesa AZ

November 22 @ 8:00 pm - November 24 @ 4:00 pm




“Life doesn’t get much better than learning how to love my spouse better – this experience is like none other!”

“Marriage Encounter made me realize that my spouse is my most important relationship.”

“Our Marriage Encounter experience literally changed our lives. It is powerful!”

“Our home is full of joy since our Marriage Encounter experience. . .thank you!”