Do you accept gay couples? Unmarried couples? Dating couples?2020-07-09T13:01:39-05:00

Our program does not address the issues encountered in these relationships. The Worldwide Marriage Encounter experience is for one man and one woman who are legally married and in a heterosexual relationship.

Can we sleep at home and bring our own meals to save costs?2021-01-16T08:43:42-06:00

VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE: Because concepts learned in each presentation are used in the following presentations, it is important that you both be present and participate in each virtual presentation from start to finish to fully receive and understand the concepts being covered.

IN-PERSON EXPERIENCE: Because the experience is totally inclusive, it is important that you both be present to participate in each presentation, as well as the meals, from start to finish. Concepts learned in each presentation are used in subsequent presentations, and conversations during meals help couples reach a fuller understanding of the topics covered.

This is not our first marriage – are we allowed to attend?2020-07-09T13:11:18-05:00

Any legally married heterosexual (man and woman) couple can attend.

What if I’m not religious?2020-07-09T13:13:01-05:00

The Marriage Encounter experience is about you and your couple marital relationship. As we are a Christian organization, you will more than likely hear the presenting team couples share their faith and even a Bible verse here and there. However, no one will try to convert you.

I am clergy – is there anything in this for me and my spouse?2020-07-09T13:19:00-05:00

All the more reason for you to attend! With the many demands placed upon you as a couple, you and your spouse need to take the time to nurture the health and happiness of your own marriage relationship in order to continue to feed the members of your congregation.

What about our privacy?2020-07-09T13:47:50-05:00

Marriage Encounter is a marriage enrichment experience designed for each individual couple to enjoy private time together learning how to use a new set of communication tools. Although sessions include the entire group of married couples attending, no couple is ever required to share openly about their relationship with the group. After each session, each couple is encouraged to privately share their thoughts and feelings with each other.

Is this a marriage “boot camp”?2020-07-09T13:49:03-05:00

Marriage Encounter is not a marriage boot camp, retreat, Bible Study, group counseling, social weekend, or sensitivity clinic where you are required to openly discuss your couple relationship with the group of attendees. Nor are couples ever separated during the event for “he” and “she” lectures.

The entire experience is presented for and to you together as a couple, and your privacy as a couple is respected at all times.

Are there program resources we must purchase?2020-07-09T13:54:38-05:00

All materials you need to help you learn how to use your new set of communication tools are provided during the experience.

Special FREE online and offline resources – including enrichment videos – are available for you to use after your experience as well.

You are not required to purchase supplemental materials in order to receive the benefits of your experience or to continue enjoying its benefits after your experience.

Sounds great but what will this cost us?2021-01-16T08:39:16-06:00

VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE: A Marriage Encounter virtual experience is held using the Zoom conferencing software and accessed by your computer in your home, a hotel, or anywhere you choose that will give you the wifi access as well as privacy you need to practice the communication skills being taught. The cost of this format covers program materials and mailing to your snail mail address prior to the experience.

IN-PERSON EXPERIENCE: A Marriage Encounter in-person experience is held at a venue such as a hotel where you and your spouse can have the privacy you need to practice the communication skills being taught in your own room for two nights. Five sit-down meals also are supplied where the two of you can relax and discuss the concepts being taught with other couples attending the experience. The cost of your lodging and meals is arranged with the venue prior to the experience. These costs are billed to Lutheran Marriage Encounter, and we pay the venue from the payments made by couples when they register. Each experience has a unique cost due to regional food and lodging differences.

If you have the means to pay the full cost of the experience, we are very grateful for your ability to pay. If you are experiencing financial hardship, however, assistance is available from Lutheran Marriage Encounter’s “Dream Fund“. Please contact us about the experience you would like to attend and how we can help.

Upcoming Virtual & In-Person Experiences

Virtual Experience

October 15 @ 7:00 pm - October 17 @ 3:00 pm CDT

Streetsboro, OH

November 12 @ 8:00 pm - November 14 @ 3:00 pm EST




“Life doesn’t get much better than learning how to love my spouse better – this experience is like none other!”

“Marriage Encounter made me realize that my spouse is my most important relationship.”

“Our Marriage Encounter experience literally changed our lives. It is powerful!”

“Our home is full of joy since our Marriage Encounter experience. . .thank you!”

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