1. What are my hopes and dreams for my prayer life? HDMAMMF
  2. What are my hopes and dreams for us a couple concerning prayer? HDMAMMF
  3. What are my hopes and dreams for our children concerning prayer? HDMAMMF
  4. My life is a prayer. HDIFAT
  5. Our love is a prayer. HDIFAT
  6. HDIFA praying out loud? DIFALD
  7. How does my self-image affect our couple prayer? HDMAMMF
  8. HDIF when I hear you pray aloud? DIFALD
  9. HDIF when we say grace before meals? Or when we don’t? DIFALD
  10. Do I look for and accept the Lord’s will for my life? DIFALD
  11. Do I see Jesus alive in our marriage? HDIFST
  12. HDIFA the charismatic style of prayer? DIFALD
  13. HDIF recalling my confirmation? DIFALD
  14. What was my parents’ relationship with God like? WAMF thinking about this? DIFALD
  15. HDIFA tithing? DIFALD
  16. How long do I think family prayer should last? HDIFAMA?
  17. HDIFA trying different parishes/churches? DIFALD
  18. HDIF when I see a crucifix? DIFALD
  19. HDIFA religious statues? DIFALD
  20. HDIFA giving and receiving the sign of peace? DIFALD
  21. HDIFA our church’s rituals? DIFALD
  22. HDIFA my godparents? DIFALD
  23. HDIFA being a godparent? DIFALD
  24. HDIF when I witness a baptism? DIFALD
  25. HDIF recalling my first communion? DIFALD
  26. HDIF when I receive communion? DIFALD
  27. How important is communion to me? DIFALD
  28. How important is church to me? HDIFAMA
  29. Do I ever attend special worship services? HDIFAMA
  30. HDIF after I go to confession? DIFALD
  31. HDIF confessing my sins out loud? DIFALD
  32. HDIF knowing I am forgiven for my sins? DIFALD
  33. HDIFA penance? DIFALD
  34. HDIFA our minister/priest? DIFALD
  35. HDIFA our relationship with our priest/minister? DIFALD
  36. Would I want our child to become a priest/minister? HDIFAMA
  37. When I pray, do I listen? HDIFAMA
  38. HDIFA the phrase “Let go and let God”? DIFALD
  39. HDIFA observing Lent? DIFALD
  40. HDIFA fasting? DIFALD
  41. Is worship a celebration for me? HDIFAMA
  42. HDIFA singing praise to God? DIFALD
  43. Do I see my labors as prayer? HDIFAMA
  44. HDIF when I hear “The family that prays together stays together”? DIFALD
  45. Have I ever experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit? What did it feel like? DIFALD
  46. HDIFA being a prayer partner for an ME Weekend? (Try writing your couple a love letter on this for your prayer letter!) DIFALD
  47. Do I thank God for you every day? HDIFAMA?
  48. Do I thank God for my life every day? HDIFAMA
  49. HDIFA praying while I’m driving or waiting in line? DIFALD
  50. 53. HDIFA dialoguing on the Sunday scriptures? DIFALD
  51. Do I have an attitude of superiority or inferiority about prayer? HDIFAMA
  52. Are we in unity in our faith? HDIFAT
  53. HDIFA family prayer? DIFALD
  54. HDIFA attending church services together every week? DIFALD
  55. HDIFA our children’s religious education? DIFALD
  56. Do I want our children to follow my example of lived faith? HDIFAMA
  57. What does baptism mean to me? HDIFAMA
  58. HDIFA praying together? DIFALD
  59. Do I see myself as a temple of the Holy Spirit? HDIFAMA
  60. Do I look forward to heaven? HDIFAMA
  61. Do I see Jesus in you? HDIFAMA
  62. Do I see Jesus in our children? HDIFAMA
  63. Our sexual intimacy is prayer. HDIFAT
  64. HDIF when I hear the Beatitudes? DIFALD
  65. Do I pray for our children? HDIFAMA
  66. Do I pray in front of our children? HDIFAMA
  67. Do I pray for others to change or for changes in myself? HDIFAMA
  68. Do I pray for circumstances to change or for the grace to handle circumstances? HDIFAMA
  69. Do I follow or lead in our couple prayer? HDIFAMA
  70. Do I think we are a “little church”? HDMAMMF
  71. When I pray, do I listen? HDMAMMF
  72. When I pray, do I believe it will make a difference? HDMAMMF

Dialogue Acronym Key

DILD: Describe in loving detail.

DIFLD: Describe in full loving detail.

DMFILD: Describe my feelings in loving detail.

HDIF: How do I feel ….?

HDIFA: How do I feel about …?

HDIFAMA: How do I feel about my answer?

HDIFAT: How do I feel about this/that?

HDIFSTWY: How do I feel sharing this with you?

HDIFTYT: How do I feel telling you this?

HDMAMMF: How does my answer make me feel

WAMFA: What are my feelings about…?

WAMFAT: What are my feelings about this/that?