1. What can I do to show my love to others? HDIFAT
  2. What dreams do I have for us this year? HDTMMF
  3. If I could have one wish, what would it be? HDTMMF
  4. HDIFA the way we show God’s love to others? DIFALD
  5. Do I believe the Impossible Dream is possible? HDMAMMF
  6. HDIF hugging other people? DIFALD
  7. HDIF when I think you are reaching out to others more than you are to me? DIFALD
  8. The problem that I have to overcome before we can be more for others is. . . HDTMMF
  9. HDIF when we use our time to do our Father’s work? DIFALD
  10. Love isn’t love ‘till you give it away. HDTMMF
  11. Read Acts 2: 42-47, dialogue on HDIF about our experiencing love in the ME community. DIFALD
  12. HDIF about sharing our couple love in the ME community? DIFALD
  13. HDIF when we are asked to give ourselves to others? DIFALD
  14. Read Acts 3: 1-10 and dialogue on the following question: When is the last time we reached out to love and support someone else? HDTMMF
  15. HDIF when we meet an ME couple we do not know? DIFALD
  16. What unique gifts do I have to offer to others? HDTMMF
  17. We all have a stake in each other. HDTMMF
  18. In evaluating my self worth, am I more apt to overestimate or underestimate myself? HDTMMF
  19. Read Ephesians 4: 25-31. What part of that passage most relates to me? HDTMMF
  20. WAMF when we reach out to someone and are rejected? DIFALD
  21. Read Luke 9: 10-17. HDIF about Christ’s compassion for the people in this passage? DIFALD
  22. How can I have more Christ-like compassion for our community? HDTMMF
  23. HDIF when I consider we have a very real part in fulfilling “The Impossible Dream”? DIFALD
  24. Are we active or passive members of our ME community? HDMAMMF
  25. HDIF when we gave up our leisure time for others? DIFALD
  26. God needs our couple love for the salvation of the world. HDTMMF
  27. Do I see us allowing ourselves to live fully the dream our Father has for us? HDTMMF
  28. We are the church. HDTMMF
  29. HDIF when we encourage and help another couple? DIFALD
  30. How does our striving to live God’s plan give life to us as a couple? HDTMMF
  31. How does hearing Jesus say, “Love one another as I have loved you” make me feel? DIFALD

Dialogue Acronym Key

DILD: Describe in loving detail.

DIFLD: Describe in full loving detail.

DMFILD: Describe my feelings in loving detail.

HDIF: How do I feel ….?

HDIFA: How do I feel about …?

HDIFAMA: How do I feel about my answer?

HDIFAT: How do I feel about this/that?

HDIFSTWY: How do I feel sharing this with you?

HDIFTYT: How do I feel telling you this?

HDMAMMF: How does my answer make me feel

WAMFA: What are my feelings about…?

WAMFAT: What are my feelings about this/that?