VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE: A Marriage Encounter virtual experience is held using the Zoom conferencing software and accessed by your computer in your home, a hotel, or anywhere you choose that will give you the wifi access as well as privacy you need to practice the communication skills being taught. The $75 cost of this program format covers program materials and mailing to your snail mail address prior to the experience.

IN-PERSON EXPERIENCE: A Marriage Encounter in-person experience is held at a venue such as a hotel where you and your spouse can have the privacy you need to practice the communication skills being taught in your own room for two days. Five sit-down meals also are supplied where the two of you can relax and discuss the concepts being taught with other couples attending the experience. The cost of your lodging and meals is arranged with the venue prior to the experience. These costs are billed to Lutheran Marriage Encounter, and we pay the venue from the payments made by couples when they register. Each of these in-person experiences in 2023 are available to couples for $275 per couple.

If you have the means to pay the full cost of the experience, we are very grateful for your ability to pay. If you are experiencing financial hardship, however, assistance is available from Lutheran Marriage Encounter’s “Dream Fund“. Please contact us about the experience you would like to attend and how we can help.