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Comments - Throughout the Outlines 8-22.doc 
01-Welcome Intro OO 2022.doc 
01 -Welcome and Intro O&M 2022.doc 
01-Welcome and Intro WritingTemplate 2022.doc 
02-Self OO 2022.doc 
02-Self O&M 2022.doc 
02-Self WritingTemplate 2022.doc 
03-Feelings OO 2022.doc 
03 Feelings O&M 2022.doc 
03-Feelings WritingTemplate 2022.doc 
Comments and changes on Presentations 04-06.doc 
04-MTW OO 2022.doc 
04-MTW O&M 2022.doc 
04- MTW WritingTemplate 2022.doc 
05-Listening OO 2022.doc 
05-Listening O&M 2022.doc 
05-Listening WritingTemplate 2022.doc 
06-Areas OO 2022.doc 
06-Areas O&M 2022.doc 
06-Areas WritingTemplate 2022.doc 
Comments and changes on Presentations 07-09.doc 
07- God's Desire OO 2022.doc 
07-God's Desire O&M 2022.doc 
07 God's Desire Writing Template.doc 
08-Risk OO 2022.doc 
08-Risk O&M 2022.doc 
08-Risk WritingTemplate 2022.doc 
09 - Impact OO 2022.doc 
09 - Impact O&M 2022.doc 
09 - Impact WritingTemplate 2022.doc 
Personality Affirmation Sheet.doc 
Increasing Levels of Intimacy Pyramid.pdf 
Play-Doh Sign.doc 
Feelings Wheel.doc 
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