Refresh, Re-energize & Reconnect with Marriage Encounter!

A Marriage Encounter Weekend is for married couples who value their relationship and desire a richer, fuller life together. Whether you’re newly married – or have been married for decades – good communication is the key to keeping your love relationship vibrant and strong!  A Marriage Encounter Weekend provides the right communication tools to help your relationship be all that it can be.

How Does It Work? 

Marriage Encounter Weekends have enhanced millions of marriages by teaching married couples a simple yet highly effective communication technique that allows them to privately explore important areas of their personal relationship in a spirit of love and understanding. By continuing to use this technique, husbands and wives can grow even closer and live more joyful and purposeful lives.

If the word “Encounter” sounds scary to you, you’re not alone. But don’t let it turn you off. On a Marriage Encounter Weekend, what you and your spouse will “encounter” is an entirely new way to communicate with each other in a spirit of love and understanding that you may have never “encountered” before. This program can enrich your relationship by:

  • Making you more aware of your own goodness
  • Making you more aware of your spouse’s goodness
  • Making you more aware of your relationship’s goodness
  • Helping you focus daily on the good in each other
  • Helping you focus on the good in your relationship
  • Improving how you communicate with each other
  • Teaching you communication skills that are positive, joyful, and uplifting

If you’re looking for a marriage “boot camp” or a seminar where couples attend separate presentations  or where couples are required to confess wrongdoings of any kind in their marriage, Marriage Encounter is not for you. On a Marriage Encounter Weekend, couples together learn new communication skills and work together privately to enrich their relationship.

What Do Couples Who Have Attended a Weekend Say?

Here’s what couples who have already attended a Marriage Encounter Weekend say!

Marriage Encounter Program Resources 

No extra videos or workbooks or other supplemental materials need to be purchased before, during, or after the Weekend – all materials you need are provided during the Weekend, and special resources also are available for you to use following your Weekend.