Who are we?

GodLovesMarriage.org – We’re Part of Worldwide Marriage Encounter!

GodLovesMarriage.org is maintained by the Lutheran expression of Worldwide Marriage Encounter – the original, faith-based, weekend marriage enrichment program that has helped millions of couples in over 80 countries find more joy and happiness in their marriage relationship.

Couples of all faiths – or of no faith – are welcome to attend any Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend sponsored by the faith of their choice or of any of the faith expressions. Each Weekend program is essentially the same no matter which faith expression sponsors it. One notable difference is that Protestant expressions include a pastor and spouse on the presenting team while the Roman Catholic expression includes a priest on the team. One presentation about God and marriage also may differ slightly depending on the faith expression. Worship services during the Weekend will differ as well, but all couples on the Weekend are warmly invited to participate no matter what their religious affiliation may be.

Here at GodLovesMarriage.org you will find Weekends sponsored by Lutheran Marriage Encounter and Weekends jointly sponsored with the other Worldwide Marriage Encounter Protestant expressions listed below. Apply for a Weekend by clicking on the “Where are the Weekends?” link at left, selecting the Weekend event of your choice, and then clicking on the “Apply Now” button at the bottom of the Weekend event page.

Can’t find a Weekend here that fits your schedule? Check out the links below to find a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend date sponsored by other faith expressions that could work for you!

Mennonite & Brethren
Roman Catholic
United Methodist

If you’d like to attend a European Weekend date, check out the International Lutheran Marriage Encounter links below!


Engaged Encounter

If you are an engaged couple and looking for a special Weekend created just for you, consider attending Engaged Encounter! Information about Engaged Encounter Weekends is available from Mennonite & Brethren, Roman Catholic, and United Methodist.