What’s the cost?

When you apply for your Marriage Encounter Weekend, an application fee is required (stated on the application form). We accept the following forms of payment.

Payment by Credit/Debit Card or PayPal:
On the application form, select this option, click “Next” and complete your secure payment online.

Payment by Personal Check:
Select this option at the bottom of the application form and click “Next.” You will then receive an email from our processing team with addressing and mailing details. Please note that your Weekend application will only be considered valid and processed when your application fee check is received, so it is important that you mail your check in time for us to receive it at least 4 weeks prior to your desired Weekend for processing to occur. If we do not receive your check at least 4 weeks prior to your desired Weekend, our system will cancel your application.

If you are unable to attend the Weekend for which you originally register, please notify us and the fee can be transferred to a future Weekend application.

Contributing to the Cost of Your Weekend

On Sunday afternoon of your Marriage Encounter Weekend, the cost per couple of the Weekend will be shared with you during a presentation, and you will then be given the opportunity to make a confidential free will contribution toward the continuation of Marriage Encounter. Because Marriage Encounter does not receive outside funding, we rely on Weekend contributions for the program to continue, and we very much appreciate your financial help. Your free will contribution is strictly confidential and decided upon by the two of you in the privacy of your hotel room. Cash or current/post-dated credit/debit card or check can be used to make your contribution. Your financial circumstances, however, should not hold you back from attending a Marriage Encounter Weekend. Your Marriage Encounter Weekend is yours regardless of a contribution.

Planning Ahead for Your Weekend Contribution:  If you would like to budget for a Weekend contribution prior to attending your Weekend, please feel free to email us at info@godlovesmarriage.org and we will put you directly in touch with the team presenting your Weekend. They will tell you the per couple Weekend cost so you can plan ahead and budget to make a Weekend contribution as described in the previous paragraph.

Stated Cost:  Certain hotel contracts require Marriage Encounter to make full payment for each couple at the same time as the application and fee are submitted. If your desired Weekend has this requirement, this cost will be stated on the specific Weekend information page. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@godlovesmarriage.org.