What happens?

A Marriage Encounter Weekend is a positive and personal marriage enrichment weekend program that consists of a series of talks presented in a conference room by three or four trained and certified Weekend leadership couples, including a clergy person and spouse. The talks center on various aspects of a marriage relationship.

You will listen to the talks along with the other couples attending the Weekend. After each talk, the two of you will return to your hotel room to privately share your thoughts and feelings about each topic.

Marriage Encounter is not a marriage boot camp, retreat, Bible Study, group counseling, social weekend, or sensitivity clinic where you are required to openly discuss your couple relationship with the group of attendees. Nor does the Weekend separate husbands and wives for “he” and “she” lectures. The Weekend is presented for and to you together as a couple, and your privacy as a couple is respected at all times.

The Weekend follows a format that enables you, as a couple, to focus solely on your own relationship. The program progresses from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, so it’s important to attend the entire Weekend to receive its full benefit – and to maximize your precious time alone together! See “What’s the Schedule?” to learn more.