Information for Pastors

Worldwide Marriage Encounter is a ministry comprised of Clergy and Lay Couples who believe that a major need in today’s church is to strengthen the relationships between husbands and wives as well as their relationship with God. By deepening married couples’ relationships, their ability to form healthy relationships with their children, other family members, and society in general is enhanced.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekends are for married husbands and wives who are in love and want to make that love even stronger. The Weekend is an opportunity for married husbands and wives to get away from everyday hassles and focus only on each other to improve their communications. Lay couples and a clergy couple lead the Weekend through a series of presentations that help couples become more sensitive to each other’s needs. The Weekend is a rich, private experience that touches those married for any length of time – from newlyweds to new parents to empty nesters to the grandparenting stages – since marriages encompass many life stages; however, we have found that couples married at least 2 years receive the greatest benefit from the Weekend. Couples practice their communication skills in the privacy of their own rooms. Because there are no group discussions, the Weekend is not group oriented.

The Weekend is open to married husbands and wives regardless of their religious background. It is not designed as an evangelism event, thus non-Christians and those who do not describe themselves as being religious will likely not be offended by the presenters’ non-judgmental statements of their faith. The Weekend helps Christian couples understand that God and His love are at the center of good relationships. For Christian couples the Weekend also strengthens their relationship with God and their understanding of their own personal ministry.

The Weekend is based on sound psychological foundations expressed through the Christian tradition of God’s Word. Millions of married husbands and wives have attended Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekends, of which thousands have been clergy and seminary couples.