Unique Communications Between Encountered Couples


Marriage Encounter decals are a great way to brighten someone’s day. You were given two decals in your Continue the Journey packet at the end of your Weekend.

When you put these on your car, you are a visible message of God’s Desire for marriage. Here’s how you can communicate with other Encountered Couples using your decals!

1. When you’re driving and you spot a Marriage Encounter decal on another car, greet the other driver by beeping your horn with 2 longs + 1 short beep at the other driver. This says Marriage Encounter in Morse code!

2. After you beep, give the sign language signal “I Love You” to the other driver by holding your thumb, index, and little finger upright and the other two fingers held down.

3. If you’re in a parking lot and see a Marriage Encounter sticker on a car, slip a note under the car’s windshield wiper telling them you love them or maybe even leaving a dialogue question for them (Example:  ”How did I feel being greeted by another Encountered couple with a note on my car today?”).

One Ringers + Texts

Marriage Encounter’s pre-cellphone history goes back to the days when Encountered Couples encouraged each other in their dialoguing by calling other couples after completing a dialogue. To encourage another couple without requiring that they pick up their phone, here’s how it worked:

After dialoguing, a couple chooses another couple or more from their Weekend list, or any Encountered Couple (including presenting couples!), dialed their number, let the phone ring once, and hung up. Families all over the world were cautioned to never answer their home phone until after the second ring!

Today the one ringer custom has evolved, with landlines disappearing and smartphones and the internet now dominating our communication styles. So we encourage you now to add your Weekend couples’ cell phone numbers (including your Presenting Couples!) to your own cellphone’s contact list. Then each time you have a very good dialogue and want to share that special feeling, a One Ringer might just do the trick by either calling and letting another couple’s landline phone “ring” once – OR – you can text each of that couple’s cell phones with the word “One Ringer!” or even “Riiiiiiiing!” Your One Ringer might just arrive at a time when another couple is really struggling with their dialogue or needs to know that someone cares. It’s a very special feeling to send and receive One Ringers. This can be the perfect ending to your dialogue time, so pass it on!