Ohio Support Couples

Listed below are Ohio Area Support Couples who are always willing to help you as you Continue the Journey in your encountered lifestyle. Click the name of any couple to contact them via email!

Ohio Area Lay Contact Couple:  David & Jean Fell
Area Clergy Contact Couple:  Jon & Bonnie Bell
Area Presenting Couple Coordinator: Bob & Darlene Kail

Application Couple: Duffy & Nan Guthrie
Application Confirmation Couple: John & Robin Legan
Publicity/Church Mailings: David & Jean Fell

Banner Couple: Glenn & Debbie Moore
Facility Co-coordinators: Steve & Sue Rufe and Chris & Jeanette Ryman
Gift Shop Coordinators: Earl & Christa Rindfleisch
Hospitality Couples: Don & Carolyn Weiss, John & Robin Legan, and Glenn & Debbie Moore
Host Couples: Keith & Kelly Thompson and Harold & Sue Boysel
Prayer Couple Coordinator: Jon & Bonnie Bell
Set-Up/Take-down Couples: Chris & Jeanette Ryman and Keith & Kelly Thompson
Supply Couple:  George & Pat DeVeny
Weekend Coordinators:  Chris & Jeanette Ryman

Campout Coordinators:  Steve & Sue Rufe
Retreat Coordinators:   David & Jean Fell
“Connections” Community Newsletter Editors:  David & Jean Fell
Prayer Chain Couple:   Bob & Linda Lancashire

David & Jean Fell
Jeff & Lynn Goggins
Kevin & Raye Guynn
Bob & Darlene Kail
Jason & Jennifer Manthey
Steve & Sue Rufe