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Throughout the Missouri & Southern Illinois area there are Journey Groups of Encountered Couples who get together on a regular basis. The journey of improved communication skills that you started on your Weekend can easily be continued at home by meeting regularly with these Encountered Couples. Anyone who dialogues alone does not dialogue very long. We need each other’s support to continue this joyful married lifestyle!

These Journey Groups are a time to share our values and dreams, gain encouragement to continue our couple dialogue, receive support and prayers from each other, and become closer as a married couple. We usually meet in the homes of Encountered Couples once a month for continued growth in our relationships. All you have to do to participate is bring your dialogue notebooks and name tags! We always have a short presentation followed by a 10 & 10 and an open sharing question. Snacks and beverages are served, so if you wish, please bring your favorite snack to share!

We encourage you to attend a Journey Group near you. Click this link to find one in the Missouri / Southern Illinois area. If there is not one close to you, perhaps we can help you get one started in your area. Just contact John & Kate Thoelke at 636.447.0025 or email aeomom2003@gmail.com for more information.

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