Michigan Journey Groups & Contact Couple Info

You’re invited to come to any of the Journey Group gatherings listed below.  We gather for a presentation, 10/10, and food, fellowship, and fun!

Names and contact information of the Community Coordinators are included for you to inquire about the next meeting in that area.

(Most meet monthly, although some suspend meetings during the summer months).

If there is no community Journey Group listed near you, and you would like to start a small Journey Group, please contact: 

BRIAN & DONNA ZELNER • 269-226-4703 • dwzsearch@gmail.com 

They will be more than happy to assist you.


Bill & Janis Hessler 989-777-2648 or pastorwwh@yahoo.com

Don & Judy Christiansen 989-777-1877 or FV4T7@chartermi.net

Ed & Emily Kast 989-791-4172 or edemkast@sbcglobal.net


Larry & Liz Grupe 586-566-1525 or llgrupe@spcglobal.net


Pete & Chris Wilkins 269-381-6324 or KalGal369@gmail.com

NEW! NW JACKSON (Monthly on Sunday Afternoon)

Joel & Vicki Dulebohn 517-388-7322 or vdulebohn@comcast.net