Dialogue Questions About. . .Use of Our Time

Key for Acronyms
DIFALD = Describe in full and loving detail
HDIF = How do I feel. . .?
HDIFA = How do I feel about. . .?
HDIFAT = How do I feel about that?
HDIFSTWY = How do I feel sharing this with you?
HDMAMMF = How does my answer make me feel?
HDTMMF = How does that make me feel?
MMF = . . .make me feel?
WAMFA = What are my feelings about. . .?
WAMFAT = What are my feelings about that?


1. The time I feel most alive is. . . .  DIFALD
2. HDIFA the amount of time we spend on our separate hobbies? DIFALD
3. Does time spent with social media steal from our couple time? HDMAMMF
4. Do I consider your hobbies a threat to our coupleness? HDMAMMF
5. How can we better balance our couple time with all the demands on our time? HDMAMMF
6. Is how we use our time each day important to me? HDMAMMF
7. What am I willing to do to keep time free for each other? HDMAMMF
8. Am I jealous of your hobbies? HDMAMMF