Dialogue Questions About. . .This and That

Key for Acronyms
DIFALD = Describe in full and loving detail.
HDIF = How do I feel. . .?
HDIFA = How do I feel about. . .?
HDIFAMA = How do I feel about my answer?
HDIFAT = How do I feel about that?
HDMAMMF = How does my answer make me feel?
HDTMMF = How does that make me feel?
MMF = . . .make me feel?
WAMFA = What are my feelings about. . .?
WAMFAT = What are my feelings about that?

1. When was the last time I really made you laugh? HDIF recalling this?
2. What was the silliest thing I ever did with you? HDIFAT
3. What effect does music have on me? HDMAMMF
4. How do I see my “favorites (song, movie etc ) in our relationship? WAMFAT
5. How would I describe you to a blind person? HDMAMMF
6. How am I like the weather? HDIFAT
7. What is my favorite time of year? Why? HDIFAMA
9. My favorite time of day is… HDIFAT
10. HDIF hearing you laugh? DIFALD
11. What was the nicest thing someone did for me this week? HDIFAT
12. How would I describe heaven? HDIFAMA
13. If I could travel in time, I would. . . . HDIFAT
14. HDIFA the way we play together? DIFALD
15. What weeds are growing in my life? HDMAMMF
16. HDIF when you watch me undress? DIFALD
17. HDIFA sitting in the front at church? DIFALD
18. Do I believe in miracles? HDMAMMF
19. WAMFA the line “can’t buy me love”?
20. Our relationship is like what kind of carnival ride? HDMAMMF
21. What goodness do I see in you today? HDMAMMF
22. What is my most prized possession? HDMAMMF
23. HDIFA waking up beside you? DIFALD
24. If loving you were like eating candy, would I be fat? HDMAMMF
25. What is my most vivid memory of our honeymoon? HDMAMMF
26. When was the last time we were really “outrageous”? HDMAMMF
27. If I were in a Circus Act, I would be… HDMAMMF
28. The saint you remind me most of is…. DIFALD
29. If I were an animal, I’d choose to be a. . . . HDMAMMF
30. Today was like a game of . . . . HDMAMMF
31. What will we be doing when we are 80? HDMAMMF
32. My favorite dessert is….. How does that remind me of you? HDMAMMF
33. The Bible character you remind me most of is…. HDMAMMF
34. Our relationship is most like what sport? HDMAMMF
35. When was the last time I acted like a little kid? HDMAMMF
36. What kitchen appliance am I most like? HDMAMMF
37. All I want for Christmas is. . . . HDMAMMF
38. When was the last time I laughed at myself? HDMAMMF
39. How are you like my favorite flavor of ice cream? HDMAMMF
40. What flower do you remind me of? HDMAMMF
41. What can you do better than a Swiss Army Knife? HDMAMMF
42. What cartoon character am I most like today? HDMAMMF
43. What would I give you an Oscar for? HDMAMMF
44. What is my favorite childhood birthday party memory? HDIF recalling this?
45. If I could try a new job for one day, I’d try. . . . HDMAMMF
46. What is my favorite hymn? HDIF when I hear it? DIFALD
47. HDIF when you give me a butterfly kiss? DIFALD
48. What chess piece do you remind me of? HDMAMMF
49. Describe the ideal picnic. HDMAMMF
50. What do I miss most when we are on vacation? HDIFAT
51. If I were President for a day I’d. . . . HDMAMMF
52. HDIF about starting over after a reversal or failure? HDMAMMF
53. HDIF after I donate a pint of blood? HDMAMMF
54. HDIF after I have exercised my right to vote? HDMAMMF
55. HDIF after I have spent a sleepless night? HDMAMMF
56. After being with superstitious people, I feel. . . . DIFALD
57. HDIF after we have a long laugh together? DIFALD
58. What would I really like for an anniversary gift (not a purchased gift)? HDMAMMF
59. HDIFA our pets? DIFALD
60. HDIFA getting a pet for our home? DIFALD
61. The habit I have that I most wish I could break is. . . . HDMAMMF
62. I prefer to be outside/inside most of the time. HDMAMMF
63. What would I do if we won the powerball lottery? HDMAMMF
64. If I had to describe you in one word, what would it be? HDMAMMF