Dialogue Questions About. . .Romance

Key for Acronyms
DIFALD = Describe in full and loving detail.
HDIF = How do I feel. . .?
HDIFA = How do I feel about. . .?
HDIFAMA = How do I feel about my answer?
HDIFAT = How do I feel about that?
HDMAMMF = How does my answer make me feel?
HDTMMF = How does that make me feel?
MMF = . . .make me feel?
WAMFA = What are my feelings about. . .?
WAMFAT = What are my feelings about that?

1.  HDIFA kissing or holding hands in public?   DIFALD
2.  Do I/you say “I love you” often enough, or too often?   HDMAMMF
3.  Is there more or less romance in our relationship now than when we were newlyweds?   HDMAMMF
4.  HDIF when I want to be romantic and you are not in the mood?  DIFALD
5.  What is the most romantic thing I/you have done for you/me lately?  HDTMMF
6.  HDIFA giving you “all of me”?  DIFALD
7.  HDIFA dialogue as a way to say “I love you”?  DIFALD
8.  What is the greatest thing about our love for each other?  HDTMMF
9.  Is our love strong enough to last a lifetime?  HDMAMMF
10. What could make our love for each other stronger?  HDMAMMF
11. Do I see Jesus alive in our marriage?  HDIFST
12. What is my fondest memory of our courtship? HDTMMF
13. Share the first time I knew you were the one for me. DIFALD
14. What was our favorite song when we were courting, and HDIF remembering/hearing it? DIFALD
15. HDIF when I think about some of the crazy things we did for each other? DIFALD
16. What about you turned me on the most? HDIFA that quality now? DIFALD
17. HDIF about us when others notice how much we love each other?
18. HDIF when I remember our wedding day?
19. HDIF when I get a surprise note or call from you?
20. WAMF knowing you care more about me than about anyone else? DIFALD
21. What do I think you miss most about our romance? HDTMMF
22. How does my personality style interfere with our romance? HDTMMF
23. HDIF when our other activities become more important than the two of us? DIFALD
24. HDIFA going out to dinner together? DIFALD
25. HDIFA bringing our dialogue books on a date? DIFALD
26. Is our marriage bed sacred? HDIFAMA
27. HDIF when I (wife)/you (husband) wear/don’t wear make-up? DIFALD
28. How can I become more sensitive to you? DIFALD
29. HDIFA introducing you as my spouse? DIFALD
30. HDIF when we make time for us? DIFALD
31. What sacrifices am I willing to make to be more romantic with you? HDIFAT
32. Do I see dialogue as part of our romance? HDIFAT
33. Romance is a decision. HDIFAT
34. What song would I dedicate to you today? HDIFAT
35. How do I want you to romance me? HDTMMF
36. Do I see romance as part of our holiness? HDTMMF
37. WAMFA being creative in our romance? DIFALD
38. How can I be loving to you even when we can’t make love? HDTMMF
39. HDIF when I receive a gift? DIFALD
40. HDIF when I receive an unexpected gift?
41. HDIF when my gift of help, time, friendship, etc is refused? DIFALD
42. HDIF when I have to ask you for. . . .? DIFALD
43. HDIF when you light candles? DIFALD
44. Can people tell we love each other when they see us? HDIFAMA
45. HDIFA taking ballroom dancing lessons with you? DIFALD
46. HDIF when you reach out and touch me? DIFALD
47. HDIF when your eyes sparkle? DIFALD
48. HDIF when you gaze into my eyes? DIFALD
49. HDIF when you sing me a love song? DIFALD
50. HDIF when we dance in the living room? DIFALD
51. HDIF when you tell me you love me?
52. HDIF reading the Song of Solomon?
53. HDIF when I am buying a gift for you?
54. What is my favorite pet name that you call me? HDIFAT
55. HDIF when we hold hands in public?
56. HDIFA holding hands in church?
57. Do we still sit next to each other? HDIFAT
58. Do I sometimes take you for granted? HDIFAMA
59. Do I believe romance is a sign of weakness? HDMAMMF
60. Do I see romance as foreplay? HDMAMMF
61. Do I see us as too old for romance? HDMAMMF
62. Can I be romantic when I don’t FEEL romantic? HDMAMMF
63. HDIF asking for romance? DIFALD
64. How important is spontaneity to me? HDMAMMF
65. HDIF when you shower me with attention? HDMAMMF
66. Do I worry about being taken for granted? HDIFSTWY?
67. Does romance = sex? HDIFAMA
68. Am I ever suspicious when you are especially nice? HDMAMMF
69. Am I more or less affectionate than my parents? HDIFAT
70. Do I see you as more or less affectionate than your parents? HDMAMMF
71. Do I keep score? (When you be nice to me, I’ll be nice to you.) HDMAMMF
72. Do I worry that this romance stuff is expensive, and we can’t afford it? HDMAMMF
73. Do we have time for things like lingering over a candlelight dinner at home? HDMAMMF
74. Do I believe you’ll be tired and cranky in the morning if I keep you up another hour? HDMAMMF
75. Am I a romantic? HDIFAMA
76. HDIF when you give me a mushy card? DIFALD
77. What makes me feel holy? DIFALD
78. HDIFA surprising you / being surprised with flowers? DIFALD
79. HDIFA being affectionate in front of the kids? DIFALD
80. When was the last time we gazed at a sunset, sunrise or starry night together? HDIFAT
81. HDIFA being tickled? DIFALD
82. HDIF when you run your fingers through my hair? DIFALD
83. HDIFA a second honeymoon? DIFALD
84. HDIF recalling our honeymoon? DIFALD
85. HDIFA celebrating our anniversaries? DIFALD
86. If we could go anywhere for a romantic weekend, I’d take you to…. HDIFTYT