Even MORE Dialogue Questions About. . .Our Sexuality

Key for Acronyms
DIFALD = Describe in full and loving detail
HDIF = How do I feel. . .?
HDIFA = How do I feel about. . .?
HDIFAT = How do I feel about that?
HDMAMMF = How does my answer make me feel?
HDTMMF = How does that make me feel?
MMF = . . .make me feel?
WAMFA = What are my feelings about. . .?
WAMFAT = What are my feelings about that?

1. HDIF when I’m/you’re aggressive? DIFALD
2. HDIF when I’m/you’re interested in sex and you’re/I’m not? DIFALD
3. HDIF when I/you need me? DIFALD
4. What do I think you expect from me as a sexual partner? HDMAMMF
5. What do you think I expect from you as a sexual partner? HDMAMMF
6. How do I see God as a part of our sexual relationship? HDTMMF
7. HDIF when you/I undress in front of me/you? DIFALD
8. What part of our sexual relationship do I find difficult to share with you? HDMAMMF
9. What part of your body do I find sexually stimulating? HDTMMF
10. HDIF when we are one in flesh and with God? DIFALD
11. Can I give up the right to say no to sex? HDMAMMF
12. When do I find it most difficult to say yes to sex? HDMAMMF
13. How do I see God reflected in your love for me? HDMAMMF
14. HDIF when we ask God to be a part of our sexual relationship? DIFALD
15. HDIF when I need you but we can’t have sex? DIFALD
16. HDIF when you’ve been on my mind all day? DIFALD
17. HDIF about us when we’re alone and away from home? DIFALD
18. HDIF when you say yes? DIFALD
19. HDIF when you say yes but your non-verbal says no? DIFALD
20. HDIF when I/you say no? DIFALD
21. HDIF when I know we’re going to have sex? DIFALD
22. HDIF when you are warm and gentle? DIFALD
23. HDIF when you fully respond to me? DIFALD
24. HDIF when you tell me how much I mean to you during sex? DIFALD
25. HDIF when the closeness between us all day is revealed during sex? DIFALD
26. HDIF when sex heals us? DIFALD
27. HDIF when sex brings back the wonderment of you? DIFALD
28. HDIF when we make our lovemaking a true expression of our love? DIFALD
29. HDIF the day after our lovemaking has truly drawn us closer? DIFALD
30. What can I offer you to better our sexual relationship? WAMFAT
31. HDIF when I’ve been fulfilled by you? DIFALD
32. HDIF when there are moods of sadness in our sexual relationship? DIFALD
33. Why don’t I trust you with helping me with sex? HDMAMMF
34. HDIMMF knowing you don’t trust me in helping you with sex? DIFALD
35. HDIF about the lack of wonderment in our sexual relationship? DIFALD
36. What is the awkwardness like for me when we talk to each other in the area of sex? DIFALD
37. What makes me want to have sex with you? HDMAMMF
38. “Take care of her/him.” How does Jesus saying these words to me make me feel? DIFALD
39. WAMF right now about the way we are to each other? DIFALD
40. HDIMMF to have you on my mind and in my heart? DIFALD
41. What feelings are stirred in me by our openness to one another lately? DIFALD
42. How does our deeper involvement in our lovemaking make me feel? DIFALD
43. What is my desire for you like? HDTMMF
44. How does the rosy-ness of our lives affect our sexual relationship? HDTMMF
45. How do I see our sexuality as God’s gift to us? HDTMMF
46. In what way am I superior in sex? HDMAMMF
47. HDIF when I am naked in front of you?
48. Do I trust God with our sex life? HDMAMMF
49. HDIF planning a romantic evening with you? DIFALD
50. HDIF when you are hungry for sex? DIFALD
51. Is our sexual relationship as open as our dialogue? HDMAMMF
52. How do I want you to romance me? HDIF sharing this with you? DIFALD
53. What quality of yours have I discovered as a result of our sexual relationship? HDIFAT
54. HDIF when I ask you or when you ask me to make love? DIFALD
55. Do we find and make flimsy excuses to avoid sex? HDTMMF
56. WAMF when I am not in the mood and we make love anyway? DIFALD
57. Do my fears prevent me from saying yes when you want to try something different? HDTMMF
58. HDIFA asking you to try different things in sex? DIFALD
59. What inhibits me or frees me most in our sexual relationship? HDIF sharing this with you?
60. HDIF telling you during our lovemaking what enhances or reduces my pleasure? DIFALD
61. Do I believe that sexual desire is a gift from God? HDTMMF
62. WAMF when I judge me or you to be inadequate in our sexual relationship? DIFALD
63. Do I use sex as a tool, bribery, bargainer, weapon? HDTMMF
64. What feelings do I have about sex that I find most difficult/exciting to share with you? DIFALD
65. What has held me back in our lovemaking and has prevented me from growing closer to you? DIFALD and share feelings and ask for forgiveness.
66. What are my hopes for our sexual relationship? HDIF sharing this with you?
67. How often do I want to make love, but do not ask you? HDTMMF
68. HDIFA us making love in the afternoon? DIFALD
69. HDIF when we make love and you don’t have a climax? DIFALD
70. HDIFA having sex in somewhere other than our bedroom? DIFALD
71. HDIF when you look at me when we’re having sex? DIFALD
72. Do I think I satisfy your needs in sex? HDTMMF
73. Who is the initiator in our sex life – you or me? HDTMMF
74. Who knows more about sex – you or me? HDTMMF
75. How do I see our sexual relationship affecting our whole relationship? DIFALD
76. HDIFA our growth in the area of sex? DIFALD
77. HDIFA experimenting in our sexual relationship? DIFALD
78. Do I see our sexual relationship affecting our whole relationship? DIFALD
79. HDIF when I ask you to make love to me? DIFALD
80. HDIF when you SAY yes but you MEAN no? DIFALD
81. HDIF when I make the decision to love and have sex when I don’t want to? DIFALD
82. “Husbands, love your wives as you love your own bodies” and “Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the Church”. How do these words make me feel?
83. HDIFA how we decide whether to make love? DIFALD