More Dialogue Questions About. . .Our Sexuality

Key for Acronyms
DIFALD = Describe in full and loving detail
HDIF = How do I feel. . .?
HDIFA = How do I feel about. . .?
HDIFAT = How do I feel about that?
HDMAMMF = How does my answer make me feel?
HDTMMF = How does that make me feel?
MMF = . . .make me feel?
WAMFA = What are my feelings about. . .?
WAMFAT = What are my feelings about that?

1. Are there areas in which our sexual relationship could be improved? HDMAMMF (Don’t be specific about the area.)
2. Do I have the trust to allow me to expose my innermost sexuality to you? HDMAMMF
3. In what SPECIFIC AREA of my own sexuality have I been reluctant to open up with you? How does revealing this area to you make me feel?
4. HDIF when you lovingly accept a part of me that I had difficulty sharing?
5. On a scale of 1 to 10, how do I rate our sexual relationship? HDMAMMF
6. Do I feel needed by you sexually? HDMAMMF
7. What part of my body do I judge to be sexually exciting to you? What part of your body is sexually exciting to me? How does sharing my answers with you make me feel?
8. Do we have sexual relations often enough? HDMAMMF
9. Do I prefer “making love” more often than just “having sex”? HDMAMMF
10. Is it difficult to tell you what enhances or reduces my pleasure DURING our lovemaking? HDMAMMF?
11. What SPECIFICALLY do you do to me physically during sex that I enjoy most? How does sharing this with you make me feel?
12. What is my attitude about oral sex? HDMAMMF
13. What specific experience have we had recently that has most benefited our sexual relationship? HDMAMMF
14. Do I fantasize during our lovemaking? (YES or NO) HDMAMMF
15. Who – other than you – is most sexually attractive to me? How does sharing my answer with you make me feel?
16. What SPECIFIC event in my sexual past has affected my sexuality as I now experience it? How does sharing my answer make me feel?
17. Describe in PRECISE DETAIL my most sensual fantasy. How does sharing this with you make me feel?
18. Describe the SPECIFIC instance in which I was most turned on sexually. How does sharing this with you make me feel?
19. HDIF when I initiate sex? DIFALD
20. HDIF when you initiate sex? DIFALD
21. HDIF when sex is spontaneous? DIFALD
22. HDIF when you want sex and I don’t? HDIF when I want sex and you don’t? DIFALD
23. How does the statement “There is no morality to sex between a husband and wife if performed lovingly and willingly” make me feel?
24. Do I masturbate? How does sharing this with you make me feel?
25. What SPECIFICALLY do you do to me physically that turns me off sexually? How does sharing my answer make me feel?
26. Do I enjoy being seen nude by you? HDMAMMF
27. Have I ever felt used by you sexually? If yes, when and how SPECIFICALLY. HDMAMMF
28. Have I ever wanted to have sex with anyone but you since we have been married? How does sharing my answer make me feel?
39. Is there any form of sex with you that I find repulsive or highly undesirable? If so, what form? HDMAMMF
30. HDIF about having sex during your (my) menstrual period? HDMAMMF
31. Have we ever performed sex acts that have left me feeling guilty? If any, be SPECIFIC. HDMAMMF
32. What’s your sexiest outfit? HDIF when I see you in it? DIFALD
33. Do I see our sexual relationship as part of our vocation? HDIFAMA
34. HDIFA making love when we have a time limit? DIFALD
35. Is my body mine or yours? HDIFAMA
36. Is your body yours or mine? HDIFAMA
37. What is the most sensitive part of my body? HDIFSTWY
38. How do I like you to touch me? HDIF when you touch me that way? DIFALD
39. HDIF when you tell me that you desire me? DIFALD
40. HDIFA making love at relatives’ houses? DIFALD
41. HDIFA my sexuality? DIFALD
42. HDIFA making love when I’m tired? DIFALD
43. HDIFA my attractiveness? DIFALD
44. HDIF when we make love? DIFALD
45. Do I fear intimacy? HDIF
46. HDIF when I say no to you in sex? DIFALD
47. HDIFA our sexual relationship right now? DIFALD
48. What do I find most attractive about you? HDIFSTWY
49. What are my fears about discussing sex with you? HDIFSTWY
50. What do I feel most inadequate about in sex? DIFALD
51. What were/are my expectations in our sexual relationship? WAMFAT
52. I enjoy our sexual relationship most when… DIFALD
53. What has been my greatest joy in our sexual relationship? DIFALD
54. What has been my greatest hurt in our sexual relationship? DIFALD
55. When do I avoid sexual involvement with you? DIFALD
56. When do I most want to be sexually involved with you? DIFALD
57. HDIFA being intimate with you in our sexual relationship? DIFALD
58. HDIFA my ability to satisfy your needs in our sexual relationship? DIFALD
59. HDIFA receiving back rubs/massages? DIFALD
60. HDIFA giving back rubs/massages? DIFALD
61. How do I not like you to touch me? HDIFSTTY
62. What is my favorite time of day to make love? HDIFAMA
63. HDIFA giving you a 10 second kiss every day? DIFALD
64. What puts me in the mood? HDIFSTWY
65. What gets me out of the mood? HDIFSTWY
66. HDIFA the frequency of our lovemaking? DIFALD
67. HDIFA the variety of our lovemaking? DIFALD
68. HDIFA telling you what I like or don’t like? DIFALD
69. HDIF asking you to make love? DIFALD
70. HDIF when you ask me to make love? DIFALD
71. HDIF when you kiss me in public? DIFALD

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