Dialogue Questions About. . .Holidays/Seasons

Key for Acronyms
DIFALD = Describe in full and loving detail
HDIF = How do I feel. . .?
HDIFA = How do I feel about. . .?
HDIFAT = How do I feel about that?
HDMAMMF = How does my answer make me feel?
HDTMMF = How does that make me feel?
MMF = . . .make me feel?
WAMFA = What are my feelings about. . .?
WAMFAT = What are my feelings about that?

1. What am I most thankful for? HDTF
2. What have you done for me today that I am most grateful for? HDMAMMF
3. Do I tend to see the blessings or the curses in life? HDMAMMF
4. Do I show you how much I appreciate you? HDMAMMF
5. Do I show our children how much I appreciate them? HDMAMMF
6. Do I believe life owes me? HDMAMMF
7. Am I content in my circumstances? HDMAMMF
8. HDIF about a big turkey dinner on Thanksgiving? DIFALD
9. HDIF about celebrating Thanksgiving with the hungry or homeless or lonely?
10. Do I like to attend Mass/church on Thanksgiving? HDMAMMF
11. Do I have an attitude of Me First? HDMAMMF
12. Do I see your generosity toward me? HDMAMMF
13. Do I share my blessings joyfully? HDMAMMF
14. HDIF about celebrating Thanksgiving with extended family?
15. Do my children say “Thank You”? HDMAMMF?
16. Do I thank my children when they do something for me? HDMAMMF
17. Do I see myself owing my employer, or my employer owing me? HDMAMMF
18. Do I think life has been unfair to me? HDMAMMF
19. What have I most taken for granted? HDIFAT
20. Is it easier for me to give or to receive? HDMAMMF
21. Would I rather celebrate Thanksgiving at our home or a relative’s home? HDIFAT
22. What would I like to do during Advent this year? HDIFAT
23. Do our children know what Advent means? HDMAMMF
24. Do I give thanks to God for what I have not received, accepting that that is His plan? HDIFAT
25. HDIF when you get sick during the holidays? DIFALD

1. How are we like the Holy Family? HDMAMMF
2. HDIFA Santa Claus? DIFALD
3. What is my favorite Christmas tradition? HDIF recalling this? DIFALD
4. Do I enjoy Midnight Candlelight Service? HDMAMMF?
5. What one gift would I most enjoy this Christmas? HDIFAT
6. What one gift do would I like to give our marriage? HDIFAT
7. What do I want our children to remember about Christmas in our home? HDMAMMF
8. What is my favorite childhood memory of Christmas? HDIFAT
9. What do I think about when I hear the word Christmas? HDMAMMF
10. HDIF when I see Christmas displays in October? DIFALD
11. HDIF about celebrating Epiphany? DIFALD
12. When do we take down the Christmas decorations? HDIFAT
13. When do we put up the Christmas decorations? HDIFAT
14. Do I like to sing Christmas carols? HDMAMMF
15. HDIFA our Christams tree traditions? DIFALD
16. HDIF watching our children open Christmas gifts? DIFALD
17. Is our Christmas season too busy for us to keep focused on Jesus? HDMAMMF
18. What are the activities we have planned that I want most to do this Christmas? HDIFAT
19. What do we have planned this holiday season that I would rather not do? HDIFAT
20. If I had only one gift to give you this Christmas, what would it be? DIFALD
21. What gift can I give Jesus on His birthday? HDIFAT
22. As a family, what does the birth of Christ signify to us? HDIFAT
23. HDIFA our spending on gifts? DIFALD
24. Do I prefer to spend Christmas at our home or with relatives? HDMAMMF
25. HDIFA sending Christmas cards? DIFALD
26. HDIFA giving to an Angel Tree or project for other needy people? DIFALD
27. HDIFA inviting a lonely person or single parent into our home to celebrate Christmas? DIFALD
28. HDIFA the politically correct rules of not calling Christmas occasions Christmas occasions, but holiday parties, etc? DIFALD
29. HDIFA receiving Christmas cards? DIFALD
30. HDIFA Christmas lights? DIFALD
31. Are our children grateful on Christmas? HDMAMMF
32. HDIF when I see the once-a-year Christians crowding the church on Christmas? DIFALD

1. HDIF beginning another year with you? DIFALD
2. What are my goals for the coming year? HDIFAT
3. What would I like most to change about myself? HDMAMMF
4. What would I like most to change about our relationship? HDMAMMF
5. How do I like to celebrate New Years’ Eve? HDMAMMF
6. What is my fondest memory of last year? HDIFAT
7. What is my deepest regret of last year? HDIFAT
8. What is my deepest hope for next year? HDIFAT
9. Should we recommit to daily dialogue? HDIFAT
10. Do I have a favorite New Year’s Day tradition? HDIFAT
11. Am I excited about our future? HDMAMMF
12. What are the changes I most need to make in myself for the sake of our relationship? HDIFAT
13. HDIFA starting the year off with a budget we have agreed on? DIFALD
14. What attitude do I want to change in myself? HDIFA changing that attitude?
15. Do I expect to have a happy new year? HDIFAT?

1. What can we do to enrich our relationship with each other this Lent? HDMAMMF
2. What can we do to enrich our prayer life this Lent? HDMAMMF
3. What is a meaningful sacrifice for me to make that will enrich my spiritual life? HDIFA making this sacrifice? HDMAMMF
4. HDIFA involving our children in a Lenten tradition? DIFALD
5. How specifically can we as a couple be salt and light? HDMAMMF
6. Are we giving back to God a portion of our first fruits? HDMAMMF
7. When I think about the sacrifices Jesus made for me, HDIFAT?
8. If I were on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict me? HDMAMMF
9. Does Lent remind me of our Marriage Encounter weekend? HDMAMMF
10. What can we do to renew our passion for Christ? HDMAMMF
11. HDIF when I receive ashes? DIFALD
12. HDIF walking around in public with ashes on my forehead? DIFALD
13. Do I believe we are children of light? HDIFAT
14. What is the chaff I need to separate from the wheat in my life? HDMAMMF
15. God already knows my heart. HDIFAT
16. HDIF when we read the Passion during Holy Week? DIFALD
17. HDIF when I sin? DIFALD
18. HDIF when I am forgiven? DIFALD
19. HDIFA dying to self? DIFALD
20. HDIFA venerating the cross on Good Friday? DIFALD
21. HDIF waving palms on Palm Sunday? DIFALD
22. HDIF when I hear the psalm, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” DIFALD

1. How will we celebrate Easter? HDIFAT
2. What are my feelings about the Easter bunny? DIFALD
3. What are my feelings about having an egg hunt for the kids? DIFALD
4. How do I feel when I see an overflowing church on Easter Sunday? DIFALD
5. It is said that we are an Easter people. Are we an Easter couple? HDIFAT
6. Do I believe in heaven? HDMAMMF
7. HDIFA Jesus’ resurrection? DIFALD
8. Can I identify with Thomas? HDMAMMF
9. Do I recognize Jesus in the breaking of the bread? HDIFAT
10. Do I believe good will triumph over evil? HDMAMMF
11. Do I believe the dead are in a better place? HDMAMMF
12. HDIFA celebrating Easter for 7 Sundays? DIFALD
13. How do I experience the trinity? DIFALD
14. HDIF when I see Easter lilies? DIFALD
15. Is Jesus my shepherd? HDMAMMF