Dialogue Questions About. . .Children and Parenthood

Key for Acronyms
DIFALD = Describe in full and loving detail
HDIF = How do I feel. . .?
HDIFA = How do I feel about. . .?
HDIFAT = How do I feel about that?
HDMAMMF = How does my answer make me feel?
HDTMMF = How does that make me feel?
MMF = . . .make me feel?
WAMFA = What are my feelings about. . .?
WAMFAT = What are my feelings about that?

Many of the following questions that reference children/child can be answered several times – once for each child.

1. HDIFA the number of children we have?  DIFALD
2. HDIFA having more children?  DIFALD
3. HDIFA our children leaving home and going out into the world to make their own choices?  DIFALD
4. HDIF recalling the birth of (each) child?  DIFALD
5. HDIF realizing that you have given me the gift of being a father/mother?  DIFALD
6. HDIFA adopting a child?  DIFALD
7. HDIFA being a step-parent?  DIFALD
8. HDIFA being a foster parent?  DIFALD
9. HDIFA taking a parent into our home and caring for him or her?  DIFALD
10. HDIFA my mother?  DIFALD
11. HDIFA your mother?  DIFALD
12. HDIFA my father?  DIFALD
13. HDIFA your father?  DIFALD
14. HDIFA how active I am in our children’s schooling?  DIFALD
15. HDIFA how active I am in our children’s sports or other activities?  DIFALD
16. HDIFA going shopping with our children?  DIFALD
17. What is my greatest concern for (each) child?  HDMAMMF
18. What do I hope for (each) child?  HDMAMMF
19. WAMFA natural family planning?  DIFALD
20. How did I feel during (each) pregnancy?  DIFALD
21. How do I feel about our ability or inability to have children?  DIFALD
22. How do I feel when a child calls me Mommy or Daddy?  DIFALD
23. The three things I like best about (each) child are. . . .  HDIFAMA
24. Is there something I dislike about myself that I see in (each) child? HDIF when I see it?  DIFALD
25. HDIF when I hear myself say things my mother or father said?  DIFALD
26. HDIF when I see your features in our child?  DIFALD
27. HDIFA breastfeeding?  DIFALD
28. HDIFA pacifiers?  DIFALD
29. HDIF when I put a child in time out?  DIFALD
30. HDIF when a child disobeys?  DIFALD
31. HDIFA spanking our child(ren)?  DIFALD
32. HDIFA yelling at our child(ren)?  DIFALD
33. HDIFA rewarding good behavior?  DIFALD
34. Do we agree on discipline?  HDMAMMF
35. Do I have a favorite child?  HDMAMMF
36. HDIFA our children’s grades?  DIFALD
37. Am I actively involved in our children’s religious formation?  HDMAMMF
38. Do we pray with our children?  HDMAMMF
39. HDIF when our child is sick?  DIFALD
40. HDIF when I can’t go to a function our child wants me to be at?  DIFALD
41. HDIF when our children misbehave in public?  DIFALD
42. HDIF when our children are praised by strangers?  DIFALD
43. HDIFA our children’s grandparents’ involvement with them?  DIFALD
44. Recalling our child(ren)’s baptism?  HDIFAT
45. HDIFA our child’s current boyfriend or girlfriend?  DIFALD
46. HDIFA planning a weekly family outing?  DIFALD
47. HDIFA children sharing in household chores?  DIFALD
48. HDIFA the children having a savings account?  DIFALD
49. HDIFA giving the children an allowance?  DIFALD
50. HDIFA our children’s friends?  DIFALD
51. HDIFA how our children spend their free time?  DIFALD
52. HDIFA the amount of TV our children watch?  DIFALD
53. HDIFA telling our children I love them at least once a day?  DIFALD
54. HDIFA kissing our children good night?
55. HDIF holding a child’s hand?  DIFALD
56. HDIFA the values our children are choosing?  DIFALD
57. Do I live what I preach? HDIFAMA?  DIFALD
58. HDIF when a teacher doesn’t like my child?  DIFALD
59. HDIFA our child’s college plans?  DIFALD
60. HDIFA the way our children dress?  DIFALD
61. HDIFA our children’s language?  DIFALD
62. HDIFA our child(ren) leaving the nest?  DIFALD
63. HDIFA our child(ren)’s manners?  DIFALD
64. How am I like my mother?  HDIFAMA
65. How am I like my father?  HDIFAMA?
66. How are you like your mother?  HDIFAMA
67. How are you like your father?  HDIFAMA
68. Have I cut the apron strings?  HDIFAMA
69. Are we meeting our children’s needs?  HDIFAMA
70. HDIFA your tenderness with the children?  DIFALD
71. HDIF when I (you) discipline our children?  DIFALD
72. What are my hopes and dreams for our children?  WAMFAMA
73. Do I see our children as gifts from God?  HDIFAT
74. How do our children affect our relationship?  HDIFAMA
75. HDIF when we leave our children for a few days?  DIFALD
76. HDIF in my role as a mother/father?  DIFALD
77. HDIF when I/you criticize how you/I discipline our children?  DIFALD
78. What are/were my expectations of my (your) family?  HDIFAMA
79. What were/are my (your) family’s expectations of us?  HDIFAMA
80. HDIFA your (my) relationship with my family?  DIFALD
81. HDIFA my (your) relationship with your family?  DIFALD
82. HDIF when my/your family makes demands on us?  DIFALD
83. HDIF when our families criticize our lifestyle and involvements?  DIFALD
84. Do I believe children should be seen and not heard?  HDMAMMF
85. Do I see Jesus in our children?  HDIFAMA
86. Do I want our children to follow my example of lived faith?  HDIFAMA
87. Do I pray for our children?  HDIFAMA
88. Do I pray in front of our children?  HDIFAMA
89. HDIF about birth control? DIFALD
90. HDIF about adoption? DIFALD
91. HDIF when I see a new baby?
92. How can we bring new life to someone else, as a couple? HDIFAT
93. HDIFA contraception? DIFALD
94. Birth control pills can work by preventing a fertilized egg from implanting. Did I know that? HDIF knowing that?
95. Am I open to new life? HDMAMMF
96. HDIFA the size of our family? DIFALD
97. What do I think is needed for another child in our lives? HDIFAMA
98. How can we reach out to children outside our family? HDIFAT
99. Am I holding onto any resentment, bitterness or anger toward my child? HDIFA this issue/area? Am I willing to release him/her from my anger and forgive him/her? DIFALD
100. How will my life change when our children are out on their own?  HDMAMMF
101. How would our children describe our marriage? HDMAMMF
102. Would I want our child to become a priest/minister? HDMAMMF
103. Is family planning my job, your job, or ours? HDMAMMF
104 Where do I feel the need to be reconciled with our children? HDMAMMF
105. In what areas do I not listen to our children? HDMAMMF