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After a fight: What would I like to take back? Why did I say it? HDIFAT now?
All we have is from God. How would I feel if I had to give it back?
HDIF about going back to school at my age?
HDIF about our children being back in school?
HDIF about our children going back to school?
HDIF when I am asked to cut back or do without?
HDIF when I am holding something back from you?
HDIF when our children talk back to me?
HDIF when sex brings back the wonderment in you?
HDIF when we look back at what we have done for Encounter / Retrouvaille?
HDIF when we slip back into our old ways?
HDIF when you seem to be holding something back from me?
Have I ever had to go back on my word? HDIFAT?
How and why did we go back to dialoguing regularly?
How and why did you get back to dialogue?
How do I feel when I lie back and look at the stars?
I would like to go back to … one more time? HDIF about going there with you?
What gifts did we give back to the Lord today?
What good do I find in dialogue that keeps me coming back?
What would I like to take back if I could? HDIFAT?
When my work is set back by some unexpected difficulty, I feel …